Sunday, November 4, 2012

So today was interesting. I don't think I've mentioned previously, but I am participating in a fashion design competition. We have to make a garment made from condoms. Yup. So, today was the day that we pick them up. It was at Choices which is like the smaller version of Planned Parenthood. It's an organization that focuses on reproductive and sexual health. So I went down there today, and as I am walking in the front door I'm thinking "God I hope no one I know sees me go in..." That would be awkward.

It's a really nice building. We were given a tour to help understand the organization better. After that, we were given our condoms. We could choose from two categories: apparel or accessories. I chose apparel, obviously. For apparel, we got 300 male condoms and could choose an extra 50 male or 50 female. I took the female ones. They're a lot larger and have that extra ring in there that I think I can use. I also took 200 natural colored condoms and 100 black ones. There were other colors like pink and blue and purple, but I didn't want them because (this sounds weird) they were really nice colors and I would want to use them a lot and I would run out. I am going to experiment with dyeing the natural ones. I never thought I would be looking at condoms for their aesthetic qualities...

Since we don't get a lot of condoms, the entire design doesn't have to be them. The woman in charge told us about how someone made a ballgown with 7,000 condoms. I am planning a trip to Joann later this week. They are having a great sale so I will be able to get all of the extra materials I need.

I'm really looking forward to getting this started. While I am working on this, I will also be working on my FIT portfolio because I have to make up to three garments for that. Luckily, there are sewing machines on campus. I've been talking to a woman about using them. She says they're "funky," so this might inspire them to get a new one, maybe. I hope so. This is kind of a big deal.

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